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“Our sense of self-worth is defined not by what we get from the world, but what we give to the world. Thank you to the many Liberal volunteers who have dedicated so much to the movement we are building. You are inspiring a new type of politics.”Justin TrudeauLeader, Liberal Party of Canada

Meet some of our volunteers!


“I volunteer because I want to be a part of the effort that will bring positive change to our great country. Canada is a land of opportunities and I want to make sure that it stays that way for generations to come.”


“I share the core values and principles of the Liberal Party of Canada, so I feel obligated to assist in the growth and development of the LPC’s vision. As a volunteer, I’ve taken the opportunity to assert my support, and draw awareness to the vision of the LPC. I enjoy interacting and engaging with people. As a Canadian, I am proud to support the party that represents the province that I call home.”


“As a newly arrived immigrant to Canada, I used my volunteer experience to familiarize myself with the Liberal party and Canadian politics. A funny coincidence was that, during my citizenship test, there was a question about the Liberal party. I’m very proud to now be a Canadian citizen and also the director of the Markham-Unionville Federal Election Association. We all know that every vote counts in an election. There is always something that you can do for the party. Volunteering is a great way of supporting your beliefs and making sure your voice is heard in the process. ”


“I started volunteering with the Liberals because I wanted to be part of the party I felt represented my values the most. More importantly, I continue to volunteer because I truly enjoy it. The office’s heart-warming and friendly environment keeps me motivated and excited to be part of this big movement for change, which can only be achieved through Hope and Hard Work.”


“I volunteer with the LPC because I believe in grassroots change. As the current Ontario Young Liberals student director and a past campus club president, I have been witness to the incredible strength of our youth organizations and the impact we have on our party. The influence I’ve seen throughout the Liberal party when it comes to grassroots change has been exemplary, and I am proud to be a part of it.”


“I had always seen myself as a Liberal but had never taken out a membership. I joined the Liberal Party of Canada in November of 2013 and have been actively volunteering ever since. I enjoy volunteering for the Liberals because you can actually see that the time and effort you are putting into the Party is getting tangible results. From organizing volunteers in phone banks to working on fundraisers for candidates, I can see that I am helping to make a difference in the Party by increasing awareness or by raising money to help start a campaign. There is definitely no shortage of jobs (big or small) that volunteers can take on (and they’re not mutually exclusive!).”


“My love for politics and helping people began with our father, George Peter Prince. I proudly watched him serve as Councillor at our reserve at Sucker Creek First Nation for 13 years. We learned from his kindness, generosity, strength and determination, and he had a dream of First Nations working hand in hand with the government for the better of our nation. He saw this dream being accomplished with the Liberal Party. He encouraged us to do anything we could to make this dream a possibility, and if that meant knocking on doors, calling Parliament, talking to people, or marching in the blistering cold at “Idle No More” rallies, then that’s what we had to do. After our Father passed, the conversations rang clear in my head; what he wanted done – and what he wanted us to do – was to help the First Nations People have a working relationship with the government. He felt his dream was a possibility with the Liberal Party and with Justin Trudeau as the Leader.”


“I’ve been an organizer with Team Trudeau field program for over a year now. I’ve worked in the trades, and for me being a part of Team Trudeau is like working on a construction project. Each member has a vital role to play, just as each tradesperson has theirs. As a team, you are helping to build a vision that, if properly assembled, will leave a blueprint for others to follow. It can present challenges, but it can also be massively rewarding and a lot of fun. Building relationships. Building a movement. That’s Team Trudeau.”