After Facebook Ban, is Faith Goldy Recruiting for Scheer’s Conservatives?

OTTAWA, ON – Just minutes after Faith Goldy was banned by Facebook and Instagram for “spreading hate,” Faith Goldy urgently went online to encourage supporters to “go run sign up for your EDAs go make sure that our guys win within your various ridings.” (, Faith Goldy, YouTube, April 8, 2019)

EDAs (Electoral District Associations) are the local associations of members of a political party.

“Faith Goldy has been a long-time booster of Andrew Scheer, so it’s deeply troubling that after getting banned by Facebook, she is encouraging her supporters to infiltrate a political Party,” said Omar Alghabra, Liberal MP for Mississauga Centre. “I’m calling on Andrew Scheer to clearly state that he won’t tolerate anyone like Faith Goldy, or those who spread hate, in the Conservative Party.

“Canadians applauded Facebook’s decision to ban hate promoters. It’s high time that Andrew Scheer followed their example and addressed the lingering questions around his tolerance for such groups and individuals. Mr. Scheer needs to disavow and denounce Ms. Goldy and white supremacist groups without equivocation,” said Alghabra, while pointing to the numerous connections between Andrew Scheer and Faith Goldy.

“If Andrew Scheer doesn’t clearly disavow and denounce Faith Goldy, we can only assume he’s accepting her support for the Conservative Party.”