Best Photos of 2016

Justin Trudeau's photographer, Adam Scotti, takes a look back at 2016 and shares his favourite behind-the-scenes moments of the year – take a look.

Hannah Aris gives the PM a bear hug in Halifax as she tears up while thanking him for the government's work with Syrian refugees.

Boxing and running - both sports always bring us to great people and locales.

Speaking of running – a beautiful afternoon jaunt while visiting Cuba this November.

China was all kinds of amazing, but a completely quiet visit to the Great Wall can't be beat.


A rare quiet moment in the office.

Playing some kickball with youth in Monrovia, Liberia.

Family first – getting in some quality time with Xavier.

The PM presents Jo Austin with her promotion to Sergeant aboard RCAF01 - she thought she was in trouble when being called to meet with the boss, little did she know!

Last time meeting with President Obama during his tenure while on a visit to APEC in Peru.