Fact Check: NDP criticism of Liberal platform defies logic

MARKHAM, ON – “It’s no wonder the NDP is attacking our strong plan to invest in the middle class and the economy – it’s because they’re reeling from Thomas Mulcair’s decision to adopt Stephen Harper’s budget, and all the cuts and broken promises that go with it,” said Liberal candidate for Markham—Thornhill, John McCallum.

“The NDP’s criticism that Liberals will make cuts is laughable, given that Thomas Mulcair’s own flimsy costing will result in billions less in investment than Justin Trudeau’s plan. It’s simple math. The NDP’s criticism defies logic,” said Mr. McCallum. “The NDP can’t attack us for making investments that will result in a deficit, while at the same time claim there will be cuts.”

Mr. McCallum noted that economist Kevin Milligan called the Liberal fiscal plan reasonable and achievable.

“The NDP has absolutely no credibility with numbers. Former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page slammed the NDP costing, calling it ‘swiss-cheese’ because of the many holes and outdated projections,” said Mr. McCallum. “Meanwhile, Mr. Page called the Liberal fiscal plan realistic and substantive.”