Liberals Denounce Conservatives’ Decision on Northern Gateway Pipeline

OTTAWA – Today, Liberals strongly criticized the Conservatives’ decision to approve the Northern Gateway Project in British Columbia, citing concerns for the coastal economy and environment, local communities, and First Nations.

“The Northern Gateway pipeline places an unacceptable level of risk on British Columbia’s coastal economy and environment. From fishing to tourism, those individuals whose jobs and livelihoods depend on the Pacific Ocean have not been assured that a catastrophic spill can be prevented,” said Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau. “The review process has failed to consult with local communities and Aboriginal Peoples, and Canadians have not been reassured that the local economy will be protected.”

The Prime Minister and his Conservative government have spent years trying to ram through the Northern Gateway Project at any cost, while demonizing Canadians who are concerned for the coastal economy and environmental protections. Liberals have been consistent in calling for stronger protections and pushing for a more substantive government consultation process.

“The Conservatives today have rubber stamped a flawed decision that is deeply concerning,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Canada needs pipelines to move our energy resources to domestic and global markets. However, these projects must earn the trust of local communities, and cannot ignore the implications for coastal economies. Mr. Harper has entirely failed to address these concerns on all fronts.”