Mulcair contradicts himself once again – this time on wastewater in Montreal

MONTREAL – For the umpteenth time during this campaign, Thomas Mulcair is contradicting himself – this time on wastewater dumping by the City of Montreal.

Remember yesterday’s statement by Mr. Mulcair: “The idea that in 2015, we would release billions of litres of raw wastewater into the St. Lawrence and its ecosystem: it’s so preposterous, it’s obvious an NDP government would not permit it.” [Translation] (Source: Radio-Canada)

But here’s the rub: Thomas Mulcair authorised similar discharges on two separate occasions when he was Environment Minister in Quebec in 2003 and 2005. The first time, 7.6 billion litres of raw sewage was dumped directly into the St. Lawrence River, and 770 million litres the second time.

In a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Montreal’s Mayor called on Thomas Mulcair to explain this blatant contradiction: “He said he would never do this, and that if he became Prime Minister he would find it preposterous to release raw wastewater into the river; I’d like him to explain 2003.” (Source: Link [French only])

This new flip-flop adds to a growing list which includes: Energy East Pipeline, Gun RegistryOil Sands IndustryF-35 Fighter Jets, Quebec’s Child Care System, Water Privatization,  Mont-Orford Park, Davie Shipyard, Supporting Jobs, and Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Once again, it is clear that Mulcair will say anything, and that for him, the ends justify the means.