Team Trudeau 2019 Nominations Process

With the 2019 election campaign drawing closer every day, we are very pleased to announce the details of our new Team Trudeau 2019 nominations process.

This new process will support unprecedented new engagement with Canadians, the re-election of our dedicated Liberal team in Parliament, and the election of even more talented, diverse, and hardworking community leaders as Liberal MPs in 2019.

Current Liberal MPs will be nominated again as 2019 candidates provided they and their local Liberal Association meet a series of important new targets for community engagement, reflecting the Liberal team’s deep commitment to conversations with Canadians. These include:

  • Participation in at least two 2018 ‘Day of Action’ engagements
  • Working with volunteers to achieve at least 3,500 knocks on doors, or 5,000 phone calls with the community
  • The signatures of 150 registered Liberals in the community
  • Strong grassroots fundraising, such as 30 additional Victory Fund monthly donors and 50% of the funds required for the 2019 local campaign

Currently-unheld EDAs will also have to meet important standards for community engagement before local Liberals can proceed to nominate a new Team Trudeau 2019 candidate:

  • Before any nomination meeting is called, the EDA must be able to document a thorough search for potential women candidates and other candidates who reflect the demographics of the community
  • 150 registered Liberals in the local EDA
  • Strong grassroots fundraising, such as 15 additional Victory Fund monthly donors and 15% of the funds required for the 2019 local campaign

Download the full details

A strong focus on community engagement builds on the Liberal Party’s commitment to building the most open and inclusive movement in Canadian politics. While the other parties still charge Canadians fees to join and participate in party affairs, the Liberal Party of Canada is the only federal political party that is open for Canadians to join at no cost. If you’re not already a registered Liberal, click here to join today!

This new Team Trudeau 2019 nominations process reflects what we heard from supporters in comprehensive consultations throughout 2017. These consultations gathered input from Registered Liberals, caucus members, past candidates, and the party’s local EDAs, Commissions, and Provincial/Territorial Boards. We’re thankful to everyone who took the time to share their input and help shape our nominations process for 2019.

Working together in the months ahead, the hope and hard work of Liberals across Canada will ensure our candidates and campaign teams are ready to earn another mandate from Canadians in 2019.

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to email

Thanks for your involvement,

Hon. Navdeep Bains, Nikki Hipkin, Brittney Kerr, Hon. Dominic LeBlanc and Sylvie Paradis

2019 National Campaign Co-Chairs