Our achievements belong to you

I'm calling on all Canadians who believe in our movement to become champions for real change.

Before we took office November 4, 2015, there was no gender-balanced cabinet.

No long form census. No Senate-appointment reform. A signature on the Paris Climate Change Agreement seemed unlikely. And no sitting Prime Minister had ever marched in a Pride Parade.

Just over a year later, we have brought real change to all of these areas -- and real progress for Canada's middle class.

Almost 300,000 children are being lifted out of poverty by our new Canada Child Benefit, which ensures that 9 out of 10 families get more money each month. Our middle class tax cut means that nine million Canadians will pay lower taxes for 2016, while the wealthiest 1% will contribute a little more. And we brought all the provinces together to strengthen the Canada Pension Plan.

Meanwhile, historic investments in infrastructure and ocean protection are creating good middle class jobs, and helping to build a better Canada for future generations.

Our achievements belong to you, and everyone in our movement. Your support, your dollars, your volunteer hours, and your votes made all of this possible.

But in 2019, it could all disappear on election night -- if we take anything at all for granted.

Our opponents are already hard at work preparing to take us on in 2019. Whoever they rally behind, with enough money and resources, we know that anything can happen on election night.

They are already attempting to divide Canadians by bringing up old fears and anxieties. You know as well as I do, fear has never fed a single family nor created a single job. If they succeed -- and it's possible -- they will undo all the progress that we have made together, and we'll all wish then that we did a little more when we could.

That's why I'm calling on all Canadians who believe in our movement to become champions for real change by raising $1-million dollars together by midnight, December 15, so we can start 2017 strong.

It's time to get serious about building our next campaign. Can you chip in $5, or any amount you can, right now to help?

And as a special thank you we have some terrific gifts lined up so you can show your Liberal pride this winter, including a toque -- designed by you -- for everyone who donates $99 , or more. A scarf, if you give $199, or more. And the full set if you give $299, or more!

Remember, after your tax credit, that's as low as $24.75 for the toque, $49.75 for the scarf, or $74.75 for both.

Let's get right to work. The next election campaign starts now.

Donate now

Thank you.

Justin Trudeau
Leader, Liberal Party of Canada