Policy Resolution 51

51. Priority Resolution: National Framework for Mental Health

WHEREAS mental illness affects one in five Canadians;

WHEREAS mental illness is the largest single contributor to the burden of disease, leads to significant morbidity and early mortality (through suicide and impact on other medical illnesses) and substantively contributes to negative social, civic and economic outcomes for Canadians;

WHEREAS most mental illness is preventable and treatable;

WHEREAS only 5.5% of Canada’s health care budget is allocated to mental health services, despite the recommendations of the World Health Organization to allocate 10%;

WHEREAS the current Conservative government has announced plans to cut the rate of increases to health care spending by half starting in 2013;

WHEREAS delegates to the LPC January 2012 convention unanimously approved a motion to develop a national housing strategy that includes measures to address homelessness and recognized that there is a correlation between homelessness and mental health/addiction;

BE IT RESOLVED that a new Liberal government will implement and fund the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s report: “Changing Directions, Changing Lives: A Mental Health Strategy for Canada”

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a new Liberal government will increase funding for mental health services to 8-10% of the national healthcare budget

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a new Liberal government will create an office of a national mental health ombudsperson who will issue an annual report for parliament on the status of mental health and mental health care in Canada

Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia)