Canada Revenue Agency

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We will make the Canada Revenue Agency fairer, more helpful, and easier to use.

The Canada Revenue Agency exists to serve Canadians. We will overhaul its service model so that people who interact with the CRA feel like valued clients, not just taxpayers.

A client-focused Canada Revenue Agency will:

  • proactively contact Canadians who are entitled to, but are not receiving, tax benefits;
  • offer to complete returns for some clients, particularly lower-income Canadians and those on fixed incomes whose financial situation is unchanged year-to-year;
  • support more Canadians who wish to file taxes using no paper forms; and
  • deliver correspondence that is straightforward and easy to read.

We will allow charities to do their work on behalf of Canadians free from political harassment, and will modernize the rules governing the charitable and not-for-profit sectors.

This will include clarifying the rules governing “political activity,” with an understanding that charities make an important contribution to public debate and public policy. A new legislative framework to strengthen the sector will emerge from this process.

We will also invest an additional $80 million, over four years, to help the Canada Revenue Agency crack down on tax evaders.

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