2015 Platform

Promoting international peace and security

We will renew Canada’s commitment to peacekeeping operations.

Under Stephen Harper, Canada has dramatically scaled back its involvement in peace operations – a decision that could not come at a worse time. As the number of violent conflicts in the world escalates, demand for international peace operations has never been greater.

Peace operations are important not only because of the help they provide to millions of people affected by conflicts, but also because they serve Canada’s interests. A more peaceful world is a safer and more prosperous world for Canada, too.

We will recommit to supporting international peace operations with the United Nations, and will make our specialized capabilities – from mobile medical teams to engineering support to aircraft that can carry supplies and personnel – available on a case-by-case basis.

To help the UN respond more quickly to emerging and escalating conflicts, we will provide well-trained personnel that can be quickly deployed, including mission commanders, staff officers, and headquarters units.

We will prioritize assistance for civilian police training operations, particularly Francophone officers, who are in great demand in French-speaking countries with peace operations.

We will lead an international effort to improve and expand the training of military and civilian personnel deployed on peace operations, and will insist that any peacekeepers involved in misconduct be held accountable by their own country and the United Nations.

Finally, to better help those affected by war and violent conflict, we will contribute more to the United Nations’ mediation, conflict-prevention, and post-conflict reconstruction efforts.

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