2015 Platform

Public transit

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We will invest in public transit to shorten commute times, cut air pollution, strengthen our communities, and grow our economy.

Canadian cities have been growing at a rapid rate, but investment in public transit has not kept pace.

Stephen Harper’s failure to invest has led to worsening traffic congestion, making it harder for families to spend time together. This gridlock also costs our economy billions of dollars in lost productivity each year.

We will get our communities moving again, by giving our provinces, territories, and municipalities the long-term, predictable federal funding they need to make transit plans a reality.

Over the next decade, we will quadruple federal investment in public transit, investing almost $20 billion more in transit infrastructure.

In communities all across Canada, transit projects are ready to go.In British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, for example, plans are in place to:

  • increase SeaBus service to every ten minutes during morning and afternoon rushes;
  • extend rapid transit service along Broadway, currently the busiest bus corridor in North America; and
  • bring light rail transit to Surrey, one of the fastest growing parts of the region.We will work with provinces and municipalities across the country to get projects like these done.


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