What they’re saying: Budget 2016

Canadians from all over support the new budget! Find out why!

"This is a very good news budget ... We’re very pleased and it’s going to make a tangible difference in ensuring that Canada can build talent into the future." Elizabeth Cannon President, University of Calgary

"We’re really excited about the money going into the loans. That definitely helps decrease the financial stress and burden on students." Brigitte Matheson President, SAIT Students’ Association

"It’s going to be a very significant step to close the gap in terms of quality of life." Perry Bellegarde National Chief, Assembly of First Nations

On the Canada Child Benefit:
"It will reduce child poverty by about a quarter. This is a huge success story."

"This is the most progressive budget in 40 years when it comes to reducing poverty among families with kids, seniors, expanding EI access." Armine Yalnizyan Economist, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

"The government has invested unprecedented funds in its relationship with Indigenous peoples and it is honouring its commitment to deal with Indigenous peoples on a nation-to-nation basis." Gary Lipinski President, Métis Nation of Ontario

"It's an increase of $947 annually, and will improve the financial security of about 900,000 single seniors across Canada...So that's a significant number." Hugh Kruzel Chair of the Sudbury chapter of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons

"We are very pleased that the investment for the Canadian scholarship program has increased by 50%." Anne-Marie Roy Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (Translation)

"This budget will revolutionize the way we build our cities ... Modernization of transit systems will improve reliability of service, shorten commute times and improve customer satisfaction. The government is establishing a strong foundation that will transform our communities for generations to come." Patrick Leclerc President and CEO, Canadian Urban Transit Association

"We were pleased to see the investment in infrastructure, particularly we saw the investment in broadband which is an important part for our province. The investment that we will be seeing in labour market development, ensuring we have skills development, was a positive investment." Stephen McNeil Premier of Nova Scotia

"This introduces a new era of collaboration which will see us build stronger cities and a stronger Canada." Don Iveson Mayor of Edmonton

"Today marks the first time in recent years where a federal budget acknowledges, and takes steps to address the profound needs of citizens who live in social housing." John Tory Mayor of Toronto

"Today’s federal budget is a good first step towards a new partnership that will see cities and the federal government taking action on some of our most difficult challenges...The changes the federal government has made to transit funding reflect the needs of cities across Canada and is good news for transit riders." Gregor Robertson Mayor of Vancouver

"I am thrilled to see our federal government supporting this important initiative." Jim Watson Mayor of Ottawa (Translation)