What They’re Saying: Pipeline Plan

The Liberal government is committed to creating good, middle class jobs and getting Canadian resources to market, while protecting the environment and moving toward the clean energy economy of the future.

This week, the Liberal government announced the decisions to approve the Line 3 and Trans Mountain projects, reject the Northern Gateway project, and introduce a moratorium on crude oil tankers in Northern BC. Here's what Canadians are saying:

“To begin, I want to thank Prime Minister Trudeau and his government for approving these energy infrastructure projects, which are critically important to the economic future of the people of Alberta. To all Canadians, I say this: We don't have to choose between the environment and building the economy. Canada is going to be a global leader on climate change. And our country will still create jobs and greater economic equality.”
Rachel NotleyPremier of Alberta

“The cancellation of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tankers proposal vindicates coastal communities, First Nations, and Canadians who spoke out against the project’s massive risks to our land, water and economy.”
Patrick DeRochieEnvironmental Defence

“There is a balance between responsible oil production and the ability to reach climate targets. CAPP believes the two are connected and that they can be achieved together.”
Tim McMillanPresident and CEO, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

“This decision recognizes that the Trans Mountain project and Enbridge Line 3 replacement are in the national interest and that there is a place for Canadian oil in global markets, even as the world shifts toward renewable and lower carbon energy forms and cleaner technology.”
Greg D’AvignonPresident and CEO, Business Council of British Columbia

“Here in Greater Vancouver, the [Trans Mountain] project will generate more than a billion dollars in construction spending, create thousands of high-paying jobs, and help attract new investment to our region.”
Iain BlackPresident and CEO, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

“These projects will be among the largest infrastructure programs in North America, bringing in millions of dollars in tax revenues and contributing billions to the GDP of Canada and the U.S., directly and indirectly."
Conrad WinklerPresident and CEO, EVRAZ North America

“In the BC Interior, the [Trans Mountain] expansion project will lead to $1.8 billion in construction spending, over $11 million in new local tax revenue and $165 million in workforce spending. This will create an economic boom and a long-term legacy of government revenue for our region.”
John RantaChair, Thompson Nicola Regional District Thompson Rivers University

“It’s been one of the most exhaustive public consultation efforts we’ve ever seen. We’ve had presentations, workshops, public information sessions, website and online forums; and the best part about it is how much they’ve actually listened to the community’s concerns and incorporated that input into their project thinking.”
Steven L. PuhalloExecutive Director, North Shore Business Association

“Rail transport offers a greater safety risk to our local communities than pipelines. Glad to see Justin Trudeau recognize that.”
Lisa HolmesMayor of Morinville and President of Alberta’s urban municipalities association (AUMA)

“The government has taken a difficult decision, but one we strongly believe to be in the best interests of Canada. [The Trans Mountain expansion priject will create much-needed jobs for Canadian families and benefit every region of the country…We have confidence that Kinder Morgan can work with government, communities and First Nations to ensure the highest standards of safety and environmental protection."
Hon. Perrin BeattyPresident and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“People in Haida Gwaii, coastal first nations as an organization, all the coastal communities, are breathing a sigh of relief. The main point is we want to be able to move on from this fight. We can do that today. I think for the day we want to celebrate.”
Peter LantinPresident, Council of the Haida Nation

“Our organization applauds the federal Government for approving this project, which has undergone a comprehensive scientific and technical assessment and is subject to conditions that will ensure it is built to the highest safety and environmental standards.”
Iain BlackPresident and CEO, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

“The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion supports the responsible production of energy for global customers and, among the considerable benefits for Canada, this crucial infrastructure project will provide a foundation for much-needed jobs in Alberta as we diversify the markets for our oil exports."
Mary MoranPresident and CEO, Calgary Economic Development