What’s Happening in Halifax?

This coming spring we're bringing together thousands of Canadians who believe in positive politics and a better Canada. It's the 2018 Liberal National Convention, with Liberals from coast to coast to coast gathering in Halifax for important campaign training opportunities, policy development, National Board elections, and a range of exciting guest speakers.

Halifax is known throughout the world for its commitment to innovation, the stunning beauty of its shores, and the warm hospitality of its people -- making it a natural choice for our next Liberal National Convention. And what better place to continue to growing Canada's Liberal movement before the 2019 election?

We've just launched our official convention website, and we're preparing you with the who's, what's, when's and where's that you'll want to know about the most open and inclusive Convention in our history.

More open than ever

We are excited to announce that the 2018 Liberal National Convention will have the lowest registration fees in decades (by far!) -- because we want to make it accessible to you, our movement's most dedicated supporters. Registration will open on January 1, as well as special early-bird pricing if you register early enough!

Planning your trip to Halifax

The Convention will take place from April 19-21, 2018. Since we're expecting a lot of Canadians to be there, we've made arrangements for special rates with airlines and local hotels to make sure you have the best travel experience possible. For the first time, we've also put together a number of unique tour experiences for you to take part in pre- and post-convention!

Policy & Elections

#Lib2018 marks the official launch of the 2019 election campaign. Liberals from coast to coast to coast will be gathering for innovative campaign training, policy discussions, special keynote speakers, and the election of the party's next National Board and Commission executives.

Want more?

We'll continue releasing more exciting details as we get closer to the date of the convention -- like special guest speakers, exciting tours and innovative new sessions that we have planned for #Lib2018. But we want you to stay updated. Sign up to receive updates, and be among the first to know!

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