Please take a moment to participate in the Liberal Party of Canada's Your Say: Budget 2016 consultation survey. Be sure that your voice is heard when the government drafts the 2016 budget.

  • Question 1 What do you think we need to do to better support our middle class?

    • Support job and skills training that help Canadians find and keep good jobs
    • Put more money in the pockets of families with children
    • Cut taxes for middle class earners
    • Invest in pre-k learning and childcare
    • Invest to create more jobs and better opportunities for young Canadians

  • Question 2 What infrastructure needs can best help meet your priorities locally?

    • Investment in public transit
    • Investment in affordable housing
    • Investment in green infrastructure

  • Question 3 How can we create economic growth while ensuring that the most vulnerable don’t get left behind?

    • Fix the Employment Insurance system to protect Canadians
    • Restore fair and balanced labour laws
    • Increase the Guaranteed Income Supplement for single low-income seniors
    • Help close the funding gap and improve outcomes for Indigenous students

  • Question 4Do you think the implementation of these new priorities and initiatives is realistic?

  • Question 5Do you think it will help us grow our economy?

  • Question 6Thinking of the issues facing Canada today, which one would you say the government should most focus on?

    • Economic growth
    • Infrastructure
    • Health care
    • Middle class families
    • Young Canadians
    • Taxes
    • Child poverty
    • Retirement
    • Green communities
    • Trade / Canada and the world

  • Question 7How concerned are you about the Canadian economy?

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